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A Ski Trip

So my first real time abroad was over Christmas in 2008. We went to Borovets in Bulgaria. I discovered that I was not a natural skier. When a group of small children are asking if you are ok and if they can help you, while you are trying to get back up, you know something has gone wrong. The snow however was amazing.

Snow in borovets
Snow in borovets

Forests of tall snow ladened fir trees to stroll through while you have snowball fights and stop to make snow angels.

Snow angel
A Snow Angel

The hotel was not amazing. But the locals were. They were so friendly, shouting encouragement as I gripped onto the pole of the ski lift trying to keep my balance.

Snow in Borovets
The bottom of the ski slope

It was fantastic, despite eating mostly chips and toast at the hotel (the food was not the best I have had). The restaurants during the day saved us though. Great food to keep us going, and plenty of hot chocolate to warm us up. Definitely a different kind of Christmas.

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