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So next I went to Cyprus. We had booked Tunisia but due to a horrific event we had to change 8 weeks before. So we ended up going to Cyprus. The hotel, Smartline Protaras, was pleasant but they seemed to not want to put their air conditioning on in the hotel, and it was close to 40 degrees. This made for unpleasant meal times and I pitied the poor staff who were running around to get drinks and clear tables. I wasn’t a fan of ordering your drinks after you sat down. A nice idea but as they came from the very busy bar I had eaten before I got a drink. I like to have something to eat with my food so this became frustrating for me.

There was a group of 12 of us and we were those people that got up at 6 to put our towels out. But we were not the first out there. 

Cyprus - pool bar
The Pool Bar

There were snacks during the day. They had to be ordered from the bar and I sat for a hour for a plate of chips that never came. It was a shame that they took so long as the food was amazing when it did eventually get out to you. The food at lunch and in the evenings was again very good. My nephew, who is fussy always found something he liked. 

There were a few shops and restaurants down from the hotel as you headed towards the small beach. 

Cyprus - poolside

The beach was quite same, the sand was quite dark and I was surprised the sea wasn’t as clear and blue as I had seen in other part of the Mediterranean.

There was a bus stop just outside the hotel where you could catch a bus to the next town, you could also walk to it along a walkway adjacent to the beach. 

Smartline Protaras Hotel
The Hotel

It was pretty hot when we went, the car steering wheels were melting in the cities, and when our coach trip back to the airport had no air conditioning for a hour and a half journey it was pretty unpleasant. I did email our travel company about it but heard nothing back.

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