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So Portugal gave me a little taster of a nice hotel. I was looking for a holiday on any of the Greek islands when I saw rooms with private pools, I was intrigued. I looked at a 5* on Rhodes and was considering it when I came across Bitzaro Grande in Zante. The price was a lot less, it was a 4* but had excellent reviews, which I read through and take in the bad and the good. I honestly think that some poeple look for things to moan about. It was also really close to Laganas Beach where the Loggerhead Turtles come to lay their eggs, the thought of getting a glimp of a turtle pursuaded me.  

Bitzaro Grande
The front of the hotel

The hotel was a couple of minutes walk from the main strip with shops and restaurants, and also only 5 minutes walk down the Laganas beach. It is a fine sandy beach with beautiful clean blue water. We took snorkelling equipment and an underwater camera and watched the little fish swimming around our feet.

Laganas beach
Laganas beach

There is no water sports on the beach, and you cannot dig or put sun umbrellas into the sand incase you hit turtle eggs, but there are pedalos. We hired one and managed to nearly get stuck as we looked for turtles (they send the little life boat out to check we were ok). We did see from a distance one come up for air a few times and then after peddling for what seemed like forever to get back in one swam under the pedalo (when we were pretty close to the shore). 

Look closely for the fish

Our room was very nice, the private pool, which was described as a jacuzzi was really a plunge pool, and big enough for 2 air bed to float about on. It was brilliant. The only criticism I would have for the room was there was no door on the shower and bath. Which if you are sharing with a friend or family, not a spouse, means one staying outside while the other showers. But there was loads of seating with shaded areas so it is comfortable. There was a double sunbed that is a suntrap, and the sun is on it from early morning until about 3.30pm

private pool
The private plunge pool
private pool
The pool at night
Outside seating
Outside seating






The food was fantastic in the main restaurant. The puddings where the best I have had in a hotel, it was the first time I actually looked forward to pudding.  I do read a lot of reviews before I book a hotel, and this one had a couple of bad reviews from people and I honestly don’t know why it was great. 

There were snacks from the pool bar. These were freshly cooked and again tasted amazing. We never went to the restaurant at lunch, we always ate from here. The only criticism I would have would be for the drinks (soft drinks) which came from bottles and although they branded, they were often flat. There was a fridge in the room so we would buy coke from a local shop and keep in there.  There was also tea and coffe making facilities. Having a private pool also meant that you could use your room more, for hot drinks and your own toilet which made the stay way more comfortable. 

The airport was really close to the hotel and the planes are quite low, but there wasn’t a lot and I enjoyed watching them go overhead. They also stop fairly early so they don’t disturb the turtles (or you at night). 

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